I Can Finally Wear Sexy Bras and Lingerie

Up until a few months ago, I always had to buy my bras from a larger size department store. I had never even worn lingerie either, mainly because I was just so ashamed of how my body looked. I decided that I was going to finally lose weight, and I succeeded with my dream more than anyone thought possible. I told myself that while I definitely felt much sexier on the outside, I wanted to feel it on the inside too, which is why I decided to buy my new bras from Ozqueen.

While they do cater to bigger sizes too, I just never felt comfortable shopping there before. Continue reading “I Can Finally Wear Sexy Bras and Lingerie”

Turn Heads Using a Vintage Style Dress

We love to be inspired by celebrities. Though we do not follow trends, use designer clothes fgjhykmalways or always follow high street fashion, following celebrities come naturally to us. Unless there is adequate knowledge on what is required or where they can be purchased from, it is difficult to purchase. However, internet comes to help here. It allows the opportunity to check out on dresses belonging to different parts of the world, of bygone eras as well as latest fashion. In fact most people follow this. They go on browsing online until they find the dress of their choice, the one they feel will allow them to be at the centre of attention, turning everyone’s head. However, vintage dresses are slightly different from regular dresses. Even if it is genuine, it may come with frays and tears here and there and moreover, it is quite difficult to find something that do not just allow the person concerned appear beautiful but at the same time is available in the right size as well.

Celebrities give us a goal as far as vintage

Latest Tips for Mens Style

Men’s fashion is at an all time high and great styles are being generated every day. Let’s have a look at some of the latest style tips and tricks:fdnjnhf,m

  1. Being precise is the secret key to a great style. Go for a suit that has a brilliant tailored precision. Make sure the lines are clearly cut and long. This will help you to get a very sophisticated yet tough look. It will help you to get the edge over others and make a lasting impression. Black is classic but nowadays blue is also doing the rounds. Make sure that you use this resource to your advantage and don’t let it ruin your image. Keep it simple. Don’t mix too many different colors, patterns or accessories.
  2. Try to bring in creative ideas in your clothing styles. Yes, classics make you sure and you can’t go wrong with them. But, also try to add your own ideas and make your style unique. Don’t be a copy cat. Let your ideas flow and try to convey your personality through them.
  3. Always make sure that proper attention is paid to the

Types of Harajuku Style

Right! Harajuku in Japan refers to an area around Harajuku train station and Harajuku Style is a Japanese street fashion and has been used to describe teens dressed in different style, colorful, full accessories, dyed hair, crazy too!v zvnfhmh

Like many street fashions, Harajuku Style is difficult to characterize because it is constantly changing and because this fashion has many subcultures. You might feel confused to find best Harajuku style for your fashion, So, Are you wanted to know how many types of Harajuku style?

Here is you can learn about the types of Harajuku style :

  • Visual Kei

According to multiple sources, Visual kei is a fashion who was created back in the early 80’s by the well known band X-Japan and then Visual kei become popular when bands such as Glay ,Versailles, The GazettE and other bands took up is style.

This style mainly concepts on the visual effect of the genre music they pick. Clothing is more Gothic focused more around the punk, elegant, elaborate costume, crazy hairstyle, rock even metal music.


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Zipper suppliers

When you find yourself in charge of making team or corporate jackets, you may not have given much thought to zippers before. However, when you start making jackets, one of the first things you’ll need to do is investigate zipper suppliers. Zippers are one of those things that people forget about until they need them.

One of the reasons they’ll need them most is when they are looking for zipper replacements on their work clothes. The heavy-duty zippers for Carhartt replacement zippers are readily available at Zippershipper.com.

They also sell zipper chain by the yard, and they also have zipper pulls and ends, so that you can buy all the parts of your zippers from them. Buying zippers by the yard means that you’ll have more control over how your zippers will eventually look and work. It’s definitely a little more work, but it makes it easier for you to keep control over many parts of the process.


Make the most of summer in stylish western dresses

4bSummer is here and everyone including both the fashion wallflowers and the fashion freaksis wondering how to get a summer wardrobe equivalent to air conditioned room which will keep the summer heat at bay. Yes when it comes to choosing clothes the young fashionistas are more drawn to western dresses for women these days owing mostly to the ease and comfort offered by these latest dresses. And as the mercury level starts rising all the lightweight skin baring dresses get all the attention.

Western dresses for women come as a saviour as temperatures gets in a whimsical mood. Be it summer or winter, western dresses for women are always preferred by all the fashion conscious ladies who don’t like to give up on comfort while at the same instance looking chic and modern. Though the traditional dresses can take us through colder days quite effortlessly as most of the time we are covered but when it comes to choosing the summer dresses it becomes very important to pick the right type of clothing.

Whereas shorts, hot pants and tank tops etc. are always there,they have become

Modern Western Wear: Big C Sarojini Nagar

Amidst the crowded and busy area of Sarojini Nagar, where street markets are predominant, a large building Big C stands proud and tall. Big C is similar to most showrooms in that area such as Incense. It is a women’s and men’s western wear clothes retail showroom which is a large building divided into multiple numbers of floors.

The price ranges for men begin at INR 599 and goes up to INR 3000. Casuals such as denim, chinos, trousers, shirts and solid and graphic tees are sold on the ground floor. The first-floor houses accessories such as scarves, wallets, bags and belts for both men and women. Perfumes, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are sold as well. The second-floor houses items such as jeggings, tees, tops, sweaters and jackets are available for women. Each floor is dedicated to clothing for women and men separately. Big C is famous for their long skirts and denim.

Western Wear Apparel

The qualities of the garments sold are up to par with the international standards of western fashion. Graphic t-shirts, solid t-shirts and chinos begin with prices starting at INR 699 for men. The sizes offered by them are available only in

Coats to Know This Winter

The parka you throw on to walk the dog this is not. What’s great about technical pieces of late is that designers are taking them seriously as a substitute for traditional overcoats. Consider the slate-gray canvas version by Hermès (pictured, right). It’s slick enough to wear over a suit or with a pair of jeans, but it doesn’t look like a slicker.
Coat ($4,450) by Hermès. Shirt ($460) by Tom Ford. Shirt ($275) by Eidos. Pants ($870) by Brunello Cucinelli. Boots ($995) by Dries Van Noten.
And Consider These
Maison Martin Margiela ($2,685) A classic silhouette lends a heritage vibe, while taped seams and a bonded-nylon lining make this wool version as modern as ever.
Club Monaco ($625)
Go ahead and wear a puffy coat over a suit—as long as it’s as aesthetically pleasing as the Balenciaga iteration shown here (left). Besides its hidden magnetic closures (which are pretty cool), what sets this puffer apart from its athletic, cropped cousins is a streamlined silhouette that reads more office-friendly than ski-lift-ready.
Coat ($2,295) by Balenciaga. Suit ($1,295) by BOSS. Shirt ($290) by Michael Tapia. Tie ($285) by Brunello

The Advantages of Selecting a Vintage Style Dress

A vintage style dress can definitely uplift your appearance and help you look gorgeous for any casual or formal event. In the recent these retro apparels have regained their popularity chiefly due to the celebrities who started to be clothed in vintage pieces at several occasions like movie premiere. However, the fame of vintage attires was not only confined among the rich and famous; a myriad of both land-based and online stores have provided simple access to affordable vintage apparels to the people from all walks of life. If you have never thought of wearing a vintage outfit it can well be a smart move as there are numerous advantages associated with retro clothing items. Vintage clothes are symbols of lasting legacy. They are mostly hand-stitched from top quality fabrics and can last for many decades and therefore act as a great option for many generations.

Unlike the contemporary dresses that are meant to last a few years, a vintage style dress can effortlessly withstand the passage of time. If you can proper care of your retro garments you can surely boost its resilience and look fabulous in those clothing. However, you need to know your exact body measurement and the

A Beginner’s Guide For Shopping For Vintage Style Dress

There are scores of women across the world with a strong inclination for dresses from the days of yore. These dresses are termed as vintage and the cuts, patterns, fabrics, colors of these outfits exude a unique charm. Vintage lovers love to splurge on these timeless clothing to stand apart from the rest of the crowd in contemporary outfits. In case you are a die-hard fan of retro clothes and looking to go for a shopping errand you might feel a bit confused about what to leave behind and what to grab. By following some tips that are being shared in this article you will be able to trace out the vintage style dress you have long been craving for. First thing that you need to do is to ensure the right place as this will help saving plenty of your precious time. There is a plethora of both land-based and online stores available that are dedicated in collecting and selling quality period pieces.

While buying a vintage style dress many fashion connoisseurs tend to visit an auction site hoping for a great discount. But these websites will only bring you profitable deals when you will purchase in bulk. If you

How to Steal the Show with Beautiful Lehenga Style Saree?

Lehenga style saree is a different style of outfit. Everyone wants to look attractive on special occasions. You can look different from the crowd by choosing unique apparel. Lehenga style saree is definitely a unique attire and you can drape yourself in this style of attire on any kind of formal function be it a wedding, party, or festival celebration. This attire is a fusion of two popular Indian formal wears: Lehenga and Saree. It will give a traditional look definitely and will enhance your appearance. There is no need to make pleats in this saree; you just have to tuck the drape around your body. You can get ready quickly with this kind of attire as it is very easy and comfortable to wear.
This style of attire is in great demand because it is not only very convenient to wear but it is a perfect fit for any occasion. You can get this dress in outstanding colours. You can get different shades that match with the dress of other family members. Bright colour combination in this attire gives you a stunning look and makes you look attractive. The contrast colour combination gives a contemporary look to the drape.

How to Choose Victorian Style Corsets?

If you thought Victorian style corsets were only for petite women, you have been losing out on enhancing your sex appeal. This garment combines the aesthetics of the Victorian era with the benefits of modern manufacturing quality. Whether you want to wear it to celebrate the 19th century or to flaunt your curves, this item of clothing has something to offer every woman.

Did you know that this garment is also used for waist training? In fact, one in every three women do not like their appearance, according to a recent survey. The steel boned variety of corsets can help you instantly reduce your waist, while regular use can help shape you body into that hourglass figure you always wanted.

Elegant and beautiful are two words that can perfectly define this genre of clothing. Whether it is a themed wedding or a dinner at a friend’s house, you can choose to add a corset to your outfit and dress up your look. Under-bust or over-bust, in satin or brocade, there is a huge range for you to choose from. Here is a guide to choosing one that suits you best.

Victorian Style Corsets: Which Corset Style is Right for You?

From a fashion garment

How To Seek Wholesale Korean Style Jewelry

Women will never think it is too many for jewelry collections because they love jewelry so much. Wearing a piece of jewelry can obviously bring a bright and charming look on women’s body, so there is no reason for any women to refuse jewelry. Every different generation has different fashion, in our modern era, the Korean style jewelry is very popular. So, there are a large demand of Korean style jewelry in the fashion market. If you are seeking them at very low price, you need to go for wholesale Korean style jewelry. The following tips can help you when seeking wholesale Korean style jewelry.

If you want to seek them at your locality, you should seek wholesaler rather than retailer, as you may know for the same items wholesaler can offer you at much cheaper price than the retailer. Of course, even if you can find some wholesaler, it does not mean that you can find the best Korean style jewelry, because not every wholesaler can be able to keep their products up with the latest fashion trends. If one wholesaler can offer you a large number of jewelries that are out of date, even if the price is very

Going Magnificently Attractive And Glamorous With Vintage Style Dress

Vintage style is the ideal best for those who are into a continuous process of having a distinctively different look among the masses. The ongoing crave for this trend even in the online stores can easily certify its craze among the trend conscious western women. The vintage fashion has never faded away in the fashion field. It’s dominating quality of gifting a lady with a whole new distinct and attractive look has only increased for the best. With the wide variety of this style available out there, one can have an easy choice of the same.

Even the ever lasting legacy that vintage dresses bring with it is totally unavoidable. But again, the significant individuality of this trend is able to fulfill the fantasy of the modern women to be attractive and elegant. Out of the number of variety the vintage style dress is one of a kind itself. Contributing the sense of inspirational sophistication with a touch of chic look it is even the best attire a woman dreams of. This attire has circulated even more among the common masses, with the celebrities and style icons, giving a public appearance with it every now and then. The highly coveted vintage

One of Nike Most Stylish Sneakers Will Soon Be Customizable

Nike’s Air Presto has developed something of a cult following in the years since its 2000 debut, probably because it hasn’t always been easy to find, especially in recent months. Limited-edition releases sold out quickly, then faded into the ether of a sneakerhead’s fever dream.

But now, there’s hope for those of us who can’t get on board with idea of hunching over a computer keyboard the morning of a drop, hoping to get the shoes we want in our cart before someone else snatches them. Nike just announced that the Air Presto will become part of the NIKEiD program starting October 5.

You’ll be able to choose what kind of fabric you want for the upper, whether to add speckled midsoles or maybe a metallic cage, and which embroidered logo to put on the toe. And, of course, it goes without saying that you’ll be able to take your pick of colors and graphics. Considering menswear’s continuing slide towards the minimal, we’d suggest taking a look at the mock-ups above for inspiration. All navy everything? Sounds good to us.

Give You Grandmother a Timeless Look on Your Wedding Day

The wedding season is up and couples who are all set to get married this season are busy in picking the right wedding outfits to experience a fairy tale wedding. One of the amazing facts is that the fashion world is well prepared to make the Grandmother of the Groom look beautiful besides the bride and groom.

Designers are seen busy to work on the Grandmother of the groom wedding Fashion styles. Yes, these days Grandmother’s want to give their best look and look stylish in the wedding ceremony. Wedding attire can be both formal as well as semi-formal. Keeping in mind the demand and expectation of the clients, designers are seen working to make the best for the season.

Wedding is one of the most beautiful events in everyone’s life. Families arrange get together with son, daughter, grandmother, mother, and father to decide what to select for the wedding day to look special and gorgeous. Lace and fabrics used by the Fashion Consultants Melbourne are sourced from France, Italy and New York.

Designers closely discuss with the clients about the theme and the color preference of the clients. There are many events before the final wedding ceremony and so the style

Dungarees for Vacation

It seems like everyone is heading for a vacation! If you’re heading for one too, and are yet to start packing, we’ll save you from the last minute panic.

Pack. Your. Dungarees.

Dungarees and vacations are made for each other.

Many remember it as a childhood staple and fear to slip into these loose bottoms after so many years.

But dare to wear it again and you will realize why living it up in these cute bottoms were so much fun. In fact, there’s no other feeling that makes you feel like a child again than a vacation does.

Holidays are meant to “unwind, loosen up and relax.” And all these adjectives go well with these cozy and playful bottoms as well.

These pants got popular in 90’s and now resurfaced in 2015 with a fresh vibe.

Be it Overalls, Short Dungarees or your little Dungaree Dress; any style of dungaree can make your vacation more fun filled and happening.

Pair these cute bottoms with cool accessories and follow these simple tips for a perfect holiday look.

1. Anything that’s flat:

When you want to wander around in the narrow alleys of a new land, all you need is a pair of comfy flats. From funky sneakers, gladiators

Exotic Beaches and What Specific Swimwear to Wear to Them

So, how do you know which swimwear goes where? Well, it’s kind of like decoding a wedding or party invitation. We give you 5 exotic beach destinations and some suave swimwear inspiration, look no further than our hand-picked edit!

1. Flaunt your peppy style at Miami Beach with stripe color block design shorts

Miami has everything you need: – soft sand, beautiful warm water, interesting people, volleyball and fun spots to go for a bite or a beverage. Plus, it’s perfect to wear stripe design color block swimwear shorts for the full throwback look. They are trendy and stylish, sporting a mesh lined interior and cut side pockets. Its shorter legs and elastic waistband with draw cords make it ideal for a game of beach volleyball. The contrast stitching adds character to the shorts. It can be comfortably worn in and out of the water.

2. Embrace the nautical trend at Little Dix Bay, British Virgin Islands with bold design nylon swim shorts

The crescent-shaped beach at Little Dix Bay is an epitome of barefoot elegance, with its palm-lined half-mile of white sand. Characterized by pristine, private beaches, exclusive yacht clubs, hidden coves and luxurious resorts, the island invites romance- make an

Trench Coats for Women Perfect Combination of Style and Comfort

There a few fashion trends, which never seem to be go out of style. One good example is that of denim jeans. Trench coats are another that never seems to go out of style. The best thing about them is that they offer a retro look and yet are a perfect fit for contemporary lifestyle.

These days an amazing variety of trench coats are available for women. Whether it is for work or for leisure, you can rest assured that there is a wide choice available. One look at the variety of tbdress trench coats for women and you will be amazed at the kind of fabrics and colors they are available in. You can choose from green, pink, orange, yellow or the plain white ones , which have been popular for a long time now.

A trench coat offers one of the easiest ways to look like a Hollywood celebrity. These trench coats have been made famous by characters played by leading Hollywood legends such as Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Now, thanks to the extensive collection of tbdress trench coats for women, you too can try out different styles.

One good thing with coats is that they match well

Harajuku Style for Teen Girls

That’s real, the Japanese street fashion popular in arround the world. Japanese street fashion showcase a wide range of styles, from women, boys and also kids. One of Japanese street fashion that very popular and famous is Harajuku fashion and today its influence can be felt both in Asia and the west.

Harajuku style refers to the manner of dress. It’s unique,highly versatile, creative, extremely colorful and also whimsical. Teen girls in Japan use the Harajuku styles to express themselves, usually have several sub-categories and it is up to the wearer to choose it.

Let’s check some of Harajuku fashion for teen girls like you. This list includes Harajuku style such as Lolita, Kawaii, Gyaru, etc.

  • Lolita Fashion

Lolita is the name of a unique culture of Harajuku, where young girls dress in modern takes on Victorian style that is characterized with skirts/dresses and patterns are usually crowns, cupcakes, butterflies, flowers and embellished with lace or ribbons.

Of course there are many types of Lolita style like :

  1. Gothic Lolita : Black or Dark Lolita.
  2. Hime Lolita : Princess Lolita with miniature crowns, tiaras
  3. Sweet Lolita : Kawaii Lolita with pastel colors like pink, creme and white.

Remember, it’s also not complete, but it’s very popular from Lolita style.